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Heat for Health (H4H)

What is the Heat4Health Project?

Heat4Health is a new project team, within Act on Energy, a charity who, for many years, have been delivering energy efficiency support on behalf of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Solihull and Coventry local authorities.

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Our project aims to help those residents with long-term health conditions and disabilities where their illnesses are exacerbated by a cold home to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We offer support to individuals to achieve affordable warmth by improving energy efficiency, providing energy advice and where possible reducing fuel bills and accessing grants. For example, a patient frequently attending a GP practice for respiratory or mobility illnesses may be living in a hard to heat, cold, damp home or can’t afford to put the heating on or they may be in need of help with energy supplier problems which is causing them much anxiety.

What support do we give?

As Act on Energy, we provide the following free support, open to anyone:

  • an easy 2-step referral route
  • Home Energy Assessment/via telephone or Zoom/Teams, to assess and discuss individual residents’ needs
  • Free low-cost energy installs (low-cost energy efficient light bulbs, draught proofing etc)
  • Individual support throughout the process
  • help with COVID consequences on fuel poverty (higher energy bills, reduced servicing of boilers, energy supplier, potential second wave in winter months, loss of smell so unable to detectgas heaters etc)
  • help with creating an affordable warm home including addressing energy costs, fuel debt, etc.

Working with local professionals

We work with local professionals to help ensure individuals have access to information and support services. We hope you will work with us by referring residents who are most likely to benefit from support to us. We would also really appreciate your help to raise awareness of the support available, for example:

  • Social media posts to use on your Facebook page
  • E-newsletter advert for use internally and externally
  • Leaflet distribution to residents / professionals to provide information about Act on Energy
  • Invite us to present interactive training/presentation e.g. Fuel Poverty and Health) via Teams/Zoom for frontline staff to aid them in looking out for those in need before crisis
  • Invite us to attend events, when appropriate.

Making a referral

Act on Energy receives referrals from individual residents and professionals.

To make a referral you can do any of the following:

  • Complete a short, easy, online Enquiry Form
  • Contact Act on Energy on 0800 988 2881
  • Email
  • Contact your local Community Outreach Worker by telephone or text:
    • Amanda               07458 306300                     North Worcestershire & Solihull
    • Alvynne               07458 306298                     South Warwickshire & South Worcestershire
    • (tbc)                      07458 306299                     North Warwickshire & Coventry