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Section 106 Funding

This page is to enable the community of Clifton upon Teme to follow the Section 106 process as it develops. It will also continue to be updated, as well as any of the smaller projects that are currently being considered by members of the community.

The Clifton Four Acre Field (CFAF) S106 application was submitted to Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) in January 2021 and in February 2021 approval was received. There are a few hurdles to go through before work can be commenced on the field, but it looks like we are on schedule to start work in Summer 2021 and have some of the play and sports zones in place for the summer holidays!

Application Form
Click here to access the S106 Application document submitted by the Parish Council and CFAF Project Team.

CFAF Project now handed over to the Parish Council
In January 2021, the CFAF Project was handed over to the Parish Council, who will progress the scheme to its completion. The Parish Council is the body to whom enquiries should be delivered. Other potential projects that do not involve assets belonging to the Parish Council should make contact with the S106 Support Group via the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Main update via Teme Triangle Newsletter
The main update newsletter, which formed part of the consultation exercise for the playing fields project, was part of the July/August 2020 edition of the Teme Triangle Magazine.
Click here to access the above mentioned pages of the Teme Triangle Magazine. If you have any questions or feedback, please refer to our Parish Council contact form. The Project Manager will make every effort to respond within a few days.

Play Area
We are pleased to say that Kompan UK has been selected as the preferred contractor for the play area. The illustrations included in the July 2020 edition of Teme Triangle have been updated with a few tweaks as a result of further feedback from parents and children.

Recreation Area – Toddler Zone – with grass mounds, seating areas and safety surface for the whole zone.
Click here for a detailed view of the Toddler Zone.

Recreation Area – Junior Zone – with protective matting around all equipment, as well as social areas built into the landscaping such as raised mounds, seating etc.
Click here  for a detailed view of the Junior Zone.


Sports zone and perimeter path
Grimshaw Group of Cheltenham has been selected as the preferred contractor for the sports zone and perimeter path.

Click here  for a detailed overview of the play areas/equipment.

Playing field – Community Sensory and Wildlife Garden
As part of the overall development of the playing field, there are plans to develop a Community Sensory and Wildlife Garden.

Click here  to see how we expect the field to look, based on the various zones listed above.

Section 106 Funding Process – Guides and Forms
MHDC has set out an extremely helpful guidance in respect of the process for qualifying projects.
Click here to access the above mentioned guidance. We encourage anyone interested in developing a project to refer to the above guidance and then make contact with the village’s S106 Support Group, via the Clerk to the Parish Council.

History of setting up the S106 Funding Initiative – the first six month
We detail below the administrative work done to set up the S106 Funding initiative in the first 6 months of development.
In June 2019, the Clifton upon Teme Parish Council (PC) created a working party “S106 Support Group”.
Click June 2019 to view the preliminary objectives of the Group.

In July 2019, the Chair of the PC together with members of the S106 Support Group met Mark Hammond who is the MHDC ‘S106 representative’ to establish preliminary information including details of sums available.
Click July 2019 to see the Minutes of the July Support Group/MHDC meeting.

In September 2019, the PC conveyed this information to the community at their monthly meeting, having obtained a confirmatory letter from MHDC dated 2nd September 2019 in respect of the sums available to the parish.
Click Sept 2019 to link to the MHDC letter.

During October 2019, the S106 Support Group started contacting organisations and groups in the village in order to elaborate on the core principles of the S106 Funding process and perhaps help to identify potential projects. If you have not yet been approached, and you would like a member of the team to come and speak to you, please contact the S106 Support group via the Clerk to the Parish Council.

At the Parish Council meeting in November 2019, it was agreed that a new team be created to develop a project focussed on the playing field with the following objective (prior to an application for S106 funding): “create games, play and support facilities for the health and wellbeing of all generations residing in the Parish of Clifton upon Teme”. Terms of Reference for this new team are below. It was also agreed that whilst this project will take a large slice of the S106 funds that are available, a smaller sum will be available for smaller different projects. At this stage, the sums are £245,000 and £37,000 respectively, but these figures are approximate and may be subject to regular review.
At the Parish Council meeting in December 2019, the Terms of Reference for the new “Clifton Four Acre Field Project” (CFAF) team was signed off.
Click here to see Terms of Reference.

The project team also advised the PC that at its first team meeting it discussed the merits of an explorative meeting with a potential contractor (with expertise in play and games facilities) to provide details of potential facilities/related costs.
During the early part of 2020, the Parish Council agreed to spend £450+vat for a topographic survey of the whole field to enable evaluation of site levels, contours, scope for landscaping etc. Membership of the CFAF Project team was also confirmed.
Click here for CFAF team members. Reference to the PC minutes will provide ongoing information.